The Art Teacher,  Polly has over 20 years art teaching experience. She received B.F.A. in Fine Art Education from both of Shanghai University and Worcester State College. She began her career as an art teacher, commercial designer, and computer Java designer.

Polly also completed many art classes from Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Worcester Art Museum, such as, computer Art, Oil Painting, Abstract Painting, Monotype Printmaking, Workshop for Artists, and Professional Development for Art Teachers ...

Watercolor SOLD

Personal Collection
Oil Painting 2016
Oil Painting SOLD
Award Winner: Honorable Mention
Juried Exhibition in Art Museum 2015
Art Exhibit in DAM, 2012
Personal Collection
Watercolor Painting
Art Exhibit in DAM, 2014
Art Exhibit in Worcester Art
Museum in 2015
Art Exhibit in Worcester Art
Museum in 2015


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