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Art Class Schedule (15weeks)



4:30p.m. -6:30p.m.



4:30p.m. -6:30p.m.


9:00a.m. - 11:00a.m.

1:00p.m.- 3:00p.m. 


9:00a.m. - 11:00a.m.

(One hour lesson available)



$25/One Hour Lesson
$30/One and half Hour Lesson
$35/Two Hours Lesson
We will be providing Art Supplies, Snacks, & Drinks!









"East, West Culture & Folk Art for kids"
(Beginner & Intermediate)

Ages 5-8
Polly's Art Class, get inspired by examples of art from the whole world collection. Let loose little kids creativity and experiment with drawing, painting, paper crafting, and other materials. Develop fun, colorful and experimental art of their own. We'll learn Acrylic Painting, Ink brush painting, Sketch, Play clay, and more...



"Basic Sketch Color Skill Technique "
素描油画技法 (Advanced Level)

Ages 9-15 & Up
Learn a variety of painting techniques focusing on Sketch, color, light, composition & Perspective. This is the Advanced drawing & painting class. Students will discuss and participate in exercises that will teach them how to look at nature and objects with an artistic eye. Students will build strong compositions by examining forms, lines, colors and textures








We have a Winner again!

Congratulations to our student won the Kids Art Contest in Northborough, 2014. Her painting published on the front of the 2014 Spring Recreation brochure.

Congratulations to our student won the 2nd Kids Art Contest in Northborough, 2011.  His painting published on the front of the 2012 Winter Recreation brochure.


"Student & Teacher Art Exhibit" 


6/1-6/24, 2019

Northborough Library


All Welcome!





Contact: Polly

7 Nelson Dr.
Northborough, MA 01532


Text Message: 617-833-3291

Or, Call: 617-833-3291

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